A forecast of Cloud for the Future

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Computacenter's proven sourcing capability applied to cloud-based services.

Computacenter helps the Met Office adopt public cloud services, enabling them to scale up for increasing data volumes, and to deliver the agility needed to respond to market demands.


The Met Office needs to migrate services to cloud to respond faster to market and customer demands. They need to transform from legacy physical infrastructure to cloud-based services, without impacting scientific research, their vast data processing requirements, or their super-computer – which underpins both IT-based scientific research, and day-to-day operations.


Computacenter are providing the Met Office with independent advice on tools, technology and infrastructure. Together we are developing an adaptable cloud strategy and migration process and methodology, including a compliant route to market for cloud services.


The Met Office has used Computacenter's consultancy to develop a strategic plan for future growth, using flexible approaches to establised methodologies and skill-sets. Powerful partnerships enable strong commercials and early visibility of future roadmaps. All delivered with scalable, predictable and transparent costs.

Making sure our scientists have the right IT to support furthering our scientific research is critically important… The advantages for us are that Computacenter really understand our business.

Richard Bevan - Associate Director of Operational Technology, Met Office

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