Modern Collaboration

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We help organizations execute a modern collaboration strategy that engages and empowers people and their business

Collaboration tools are a mission-critical component of today's remote and hybrid work models. However, many organizations still struggle to deliver a collaborative experience that engages and empowers employees. Disparate tools create a fragmented environment that can hinder productivity and cause friction.

Computacenter helps customers develop a modern collaboration strategy to support today's remote and hybrid work models. We deliver solutions that ensure secure, reliable collaboration across remote and mobile workforce on any device. Users can seamlessly communicate and share information, wherever and whenever they want to work.


Industry-leading communication and collaboration platforms and endpoints.

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Organizations are looking to update and modernize their data centers to meet growing demand.

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Use Cases


Hospital system improves the patient experience with updated infrastructure
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Modernizing conference rooms while moving collaboration to the cloud
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Healthcare IT

Optimizing collaboration spending while shifting the organization to a secure, remote workplace
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