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Computacenter’s mission is to continuously develop our services to meet and exceed customer expectations. We serve as an extension of our customers’ footprint while striving to provide fully integrated solutions and focusing on quality, flexibility, and going beyond industry standards.


Why Use Computacenter Fulfillment & Management Services?

Our team averages over 20 years of experience. We give you 24x7x365 access to teams with defined responsibilities and service level targets. Computacenter provides flexible and scalable solutions and support based on customer needs. On a 7.0 scale, we received a 6.3 rating for customer satisfaction. When we were assessed for 11 months in 2018, 0 defects were found in the cabinets we integrated.


Fulfillment Services

Computacenter Fulfillment Services use efficient workflows, a right-fit product-service model, and integration/deployment/warehouse services. Our foundational services include maintenance and support and deployment and field support from a staff specialist. VAR services include cabinet integration and configuration, managed on-site IT outsourcing, and IT deployment outsourcing. Our dynamic value index tracks best practices, benchmarks, and measurements.


Image Replication

The Computacenter Integration Center has a 196GB configuration pipeline and specialized “bus” power configuration to support large-scale custom imaging.



Each device can be preconfigured for the customer’s environment using site-specific settings.


Post Customization

Computacenter can apply special application setting, machine naming, and password settings; update BIOS setting and revision levels; and perform OS and application updates.


Asset Tagging

Computacenter will apply customer-supplied asset tags or create and apply custom asset tags according to the customer’s specifications.


Burn-In Process

We have several options for ensuring that hardware has been extensively tested prior to delivery.


Rack & Stack

Computacenter can deploy server/blade, routing/switching, and other data center equipment in fully cabled, tested, and configured racks to simplify remote installation.


Master Packs

Computacenter will consolidate multiple items into custom packs and bundles to streamline deployments.


Special Labeling

Creative color coding and naming conventions enable easy on-site identification.


IT Asset Disposal (ITAD)

Computacenter is offering a new ITAD service that provides a data wipe with COD, reporting, logistics, profit sharing, security, and environmental disposal.


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