Circular Services

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Lifecycle management building environmental and economic value

We help our customers realise the value of technology that is approaching the end of its intended first use. We manage the recovery and redeployment, remarketing or recycling of equipment to minimise the impact and demand on our environment – and we do this worldwide. This capability allows organisations to recover capital from their technology purchases whilst reducing the rate of equipment turnover and subsequent environmental impact.

Services are underpinned by secure collection, processing, and data sanitisation, with asset identification, audit and market-leading reporting delivered as standard. We deliver our services securely, sustainably, and with full compliance with relevant regulations and best practice. Detailed asset-level reporting provides end-to-end visibility and tracking.


Once a device exists, it should be fully utilised for as long as possible in order to minimise its impact on the environment. Computacenter helps customers realise the most value from their used equipment – over 2 million items are recovered each year. We collect devices from locations around the world, and securely package and transport them to a Circular Services Center for testing, assessment of device condition, and documented data sanitisation. We then prepare them for redeployment, remarketing or recycling.


Extend life

  • Reusing devices is the best way to reduce environmental impact
  • We clean, reconfigure and redeploy items back to our customers
  • Over 70% of a device’s carbon footprint comes from making and shipping it
  • Reusing devices saves money vs buying new, and avoids carbon and water consumption


Maximise value

  • Surplus devices are recovered and assessed for reuse
  • Rehoming devices maximises the useable life of a device
  • Our Buyback services enable customers to unlock residual value and ensure devices are reused
  • Value recovered can be used to fund new purchases, or for charity donations to aid in sustainability strategy objectives


Recycle sustainably

  • Devices that no longer function or have become obsolete are recycled, with working components recovered
  • The priority is to maximise recovery of valuable raw materials, which are then returned to the supply chain for reuse, reducing the impact on our environment from mining new
  • Hardware is processed in accordance with all relevant legislation and recognised best practices
  • Asset-level reporting provides full visibility on material recovery data and outcome

These are underpinned by our world-class facilities in Braintree (UK) and Gustavsburg (Germany), supported by worldwide logistics and partnerships. These provide services at scale and ensure that we can offer services across Workplace, Data Center, Networking and Security.

Comprehensive services

Secure collection | 100% data destruction | Asset tracking
Workplace | Data Center | Networking | Security

Data sanitisation

We offer a range of data sanitisation solutions, from on-site drive destruction through to wiping using Blancco software at our Circular Services Centers and partner sites. We can meet a range of national and international standards, in line with specific customer requirements. Standards adhered to include IEEE 2883-2022, HMG Infosec Standard 5, BSI-2011-VS and NIST 800-88, amongst others.


Reporting with clear data provenance is critical to meet Sustainability goals and for regulatory compliance. Computacenter’s customers receive regular environmental and financial reports summarising all service and asset processing activity. They highlight key environmental benefits – carbon reduction and water savings – achieved through:

  1. Avoiding the purchase of new equipment via redeployment and remarketing, and
  2. Recovering reusable raw materials from obsolete technology through recycling

Our Circular Services Centers

Inside our state-of-the-art Circular Services Centers, built specifically to manage the responsible recovery and recycling of IT equipment, devices are securely delivered, assessed, then actioned based on their health and age. Our Circular Services capabilities are undertaken at strategically-located secure facilities to ensure that device and lifecycle management is always within reach, giving customers peace of mind about their assets, and the opportunity to reduce their environmental impact.

Selected certifications

ISO 9001-14001_2
ISO 9001-14001_2
ISO 9001-14001_2

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