Technical Resources

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Field and maintenance services

Our field engineering operations allow customers access to both dedicated and on-demand engineering to support both the deployment of new technology and ongoing support of both infrastructure and users. Our engineering teams are supported by partners in both our larger operating countries and worldwide, allowing us to scale quickly to meet peaks in customer demand as well as offering customers global reach. Our field engineering teams are supported by maintenance logistics operations for infrastructure support.

Professional Services Hubs

From our remote Professional Services Hubs in Romania and India, we help customers assess their current IT environment, identify improvement potential, implement and integrate new technologies and migrate solutions to the latest version or a new platform. Both the near-shore hub in Romania (centred on Cluj and with a large portion of German speakers) and the off-shore hub in India (centred on Bangalore) give us access to skills, as well as cost arbitrage benefits.


Engineers & Technicians


Project & Service Managers


Service Center Staff