Managed SD-WAN

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Managed SD-WAN Service

Empower your business with our fully-managed SD-WAN Service. Streamline your network, simplify your operations, enhance your security, and improve your user experience. Our end-to-end solution offers real-time optimisation, with deep insights and analytics across your networks.

What is Managed SD-WAN?

SD-WAN stands for Software-Defined Wide Area Network. It is a networking technology that uses software to intelligently route network traffic over multiple transports such as broadband, MPLS and cellular networks. Our Managed SD-WAN provides Overlay management utilising customer provided Internet and/or private Ethernet lines to deliver a secure, and resilient SD-WAN outcome. We take responsibility for 24/7 monitoring of the network, liaising with third-party telecommunication providers and maintenance parties as required, providing a single management entity, and give you the independence you need.

Transitioning to SD-WAN yields to several benefits, such as:

Eliminate Network Sprawls

We eliminate slowdowns and provide a fast and reliable network.

Fortify Security

With integrated security, we enhance your network´s protection.

Ensure Consistent Performance

We transform your network for a dynamic and engaging workplace.

Drive Agility

Our SD-WAN approach allows for in-life changes to support your ever-changing business demands.

Reduce Costs

Our solution is more cost-effective than traditional networking, because all your available links are used simultaneously and you can use cheaper internet links with no security worries.

Features of Managed SD-WAN Service

With a variety of features, our Managed SD-WAN Service directly supports your business:

Overall Network Visibility

Enjoy real-time visibility from a central dashboard of what is flowing across your network, allowing you to identify trends before they become issues.

Dynamic Path Selection

Our SD-WAN solution intelligently routes traffic over the optimal path based on real-time network conditions, ensuring best performance.

Advanced Security

Built-in security provides the highest level of protection to your network as standard, with options for additional protection for your end-users.

Scale IT-Resources

We empower your IT teams, freeing up time from distractions. You can focus your resources on crucial tasks that drive your business.

How our Managed SD-WAN Service works

Our comprehensive transformation approach includes advisory, plan, design, source, build, and run phases, ensuring a holistic solution tailored to our customers´ specific business needs. Our user-centric software-defined and automated WAN solutions elevate network experience, enhancing reliability, efficiency, and high-performance networking. The built-in automation and flexible deployment makes our service the top choice for forward-thinking organisations looking for global end-to-end coverage.



IT Strategy & Advisory

Our teams engage with you in advisory discussions, providing insight and guidance on SD-WAN requirements, recommended solutions, and best-suited use cases.


Technology Sourcing

We collaborate directly with your teams to define and agree on the scope and scale of SD-WAN deployments, offering assistance in pricing, licensing, and procurement of the scoped products.



After defining the service scope and procuring licenses, our Professional Services team will design and implement the Managed SD-WAN solution.



With our Maintenance Services, we safeguard critical assets and swiftly resolve network outages, minimising impact on your business processes and key stakeholders.



With our comprehensive Managed SD-WAN offering we can monitor and manage your network 24/7, deal with your hardware and line faults and provide you with performance and capacity reporting.

We help you to choose the right platform for your business needs

When selecting a Managed SD-WAN solution, it is essential to consider the diverse needs and specific requirements of your business. By supporting two robust Cisco technolgies – Cisco Meraki and Cisco Catalyst SD-WAN – we can offer a comprehensive and versatile approach to SD-WAN management, catering to a broad spectrum of operational demands and security needs. To find out, what is best for you, get in touch with us.

Why Computacenter

As a leader in end-user support, we prioritise user experience into all our Services. By seamlessly integrating Managed SD-WAN into our broader portfolio encompassing Workplace, Security, Cloud, Data Center, and Networking, we deliver a single managed view of your entire IT infrastructure, whilst you focus on your business goals.


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If you would like to learn more about how our Managed SD-WAN Services can benefit your business, please get in touch with us.

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